Massive Avalanche of Words!!!

If you are in a rush and have important things to do, you can look at pictures, the text in bold & italics and skip rest of the text it’s mostly me ranting.

I finally managed to take picture of a butterfly in our plants, it wasn’t too easy because the moment you move they start fluttering in your face and then just fly away.



Now to the rant..

Right now I feel my who life is going through this massive upgrade where every program is updating on a different speed and it’s annoying AF to say the least. Sometimes I feel like I should press the cancel button and end the whole upgrade, but that will push me back to nowhere.

Qualification issue

So I have 1 process going on with the audit/accountancy body I’m an affiliate of. They are asking for a document from another authority which I can’t get now thanks to the big upgrade and they are not understanding, no matter how many documents I send them.

Sometimes I feel like saying “do you think I’m enjoying this? Or you are enjoying this…”

I can only try and wait and try and wait… until it sinks into their mind or finally I manage to get what they are asking for.

Reblog Issue

Somebody reblogged my art post and conveniently received praise for my original work from  a reader who didn’t realize it’s a reblog, because they never mentioned it!

And when I’m writing a comment under my own post they are not approving it. They have no contact form where I can reach them. I have told them to remove my post in comments and again they are not approving my comment, it shows awaiting moderation.

This is the link to the reblog on their blog,

and they have no original content of their own on the entire blog and just reblogs so I really don’t know what’s going on there. The whole thing is bothering me. 

I really appreciate everyone who shares my post but you can’t take credit for my work which took a lot of thought and effort. Not cool.

Them intentionally not approving my comments is sketchy.

Any suggestions?

Anything that can be done?


Certificate correction

A document of mine has a typo which need to be corrected and the correction is taking too many department rotations, too much time and almost all of my patience. There’s nothing I can do, it will be only fixed when the department eventually fix it. The process of correction has already been initiated.


I had been researching for days and laid out an investment plan, but suddenly every market went bonkers everywhere!

For me, things are still not terribly bad. I can wait for market to get to the point where I wanted (which it will) and then execute my plan or I can execute the plan now regardless of the situation and let the circumstances take the lead. I can just let things be and do nothing. 

I think I will go with the first option here. It’s a well researched plan. 

Or maybe mix of 1st and 2nd option.


I was offered this assignment but it’s pretty time-consuming and with too many other pressures I’m afraid I won’t be able to do justice with it. So I won’t take it for now. It’s loss of money and experience but if I take it, it will be loss of my left-over sanity. Sanity above all!


I had to take online courses. I really should start them but I feel so occupied mentally.

Taking break

Ok this one is the weirdest. Everytime I try to take a break and think about read something, or watching a movie, or just sketching, I feel guilty. I feel like why I’m doing this one thing when I have a million more important things to do.

This is the actual problem. My whole mind is a tangled ball of multi-colored wool. And I can’t seem to find a way to untangle the whole thing. I know things will sort over the time. When this whole upgrade is over, my life (hopefully) will be more sorted.

Oh about hope…

Remember that post about my little mint leaves, we all thought they died. They shriveled were just hiding in soil and now they are back up! So I have named it ..hope…

Meet my little friend Hope.


And my acne! OMG!

I miss my clear skin! I like fireworks but not on my face! Just fucking leave my face!

Ok Rant Over

Will really appriciate your suggestion about this reblog issue. 

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. You guys are the best!

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18 thoughts on “Massive Avalanche of Words!!!

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  1. The art is no longer showing up on their site; it’s just showing as a broken image icon now. Because the person is just showing an excerpt and linking to your post, I don’t think WordPress could do anything about it if you were to submit a DMCA copyright notice. I wouldn’t take the praising comment too seriously; the person who left that seems to have a pattern of following, leaving praising comments, and then quickly unfollowing if they don’t get a follow back (they’ve has done that to me before). The person who reblogged seems to not realize that they can’t display Google Ads on a free WordPress blog, and I’m guessing that bit of html they’re using as their site’s tagline is a failed attempt to get around that.

    I’m glad Hope is doing well!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can still see the artwork in featured image.
      I was thinking aout the same, i did look up and it seems there isnt much i can do.
      I did look into sumitting DCMA notice but i felt the same, it will only be hastle for me.

      lol ok thank’s for noticing that because i was thinking they are just earning money by reblogged of actual bloggers.

      this place is getting wierd. whatever happened to good old blogging/wordpress.

      hope is doing great 🙂 i have a baby basil too finally.

      thanks for comforting comment i feel better 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WordPress has been really quick about taking stuff down when I’ve submitted DMCA notices before, but I doubt they’d consider a reblog a copyright violation even it did involve art.

        That’s weird that the image is showing up for you. When I look at it, the broken image is pointing at this link and giving a 404 – file not found message.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. that’s exactly what it is. and in the end i just give up on everything normally. this time I’m trying to deal with things one crisis at a time. it’s helping a little. it’s like taking one spaghetti at a time from the whole mountain sitting on my plate right now. going slow and steady.
      but you summed it up 100% right.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can relate to your reblog problem as I’ve been targeted by other strangers who wish to share their content on my blog. I guess one needs to set guidelines to avoid such problems prior to accepting others content.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i always welcome people who want me to reblog their posts unless it’s something i don’t personally approve. everyone is always welcome to ask for a rebblog especially if it’s about mental health awareness or they want to promote thier book or some.
      somebody rebloged my post without asking. and then they wouldn’t allow me to even comment on it or wouldn’t even remove the post.

      but i have moved on. can’t change people, can’t fret over something forever.


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